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For along time, flat rack containers have been used to shipment  all kinds of cargo around the World. Primarily set up to carry cargo that is not suitable to fit into enclosed containers the major shipping lines have increased their focus on flat racks over the last five years of so. Equipment that was troublesome in the past is now a lot more readily available.

This has led to many more opportunities for cargo shipping on flatracks and as carriers have implemented more safeguards and technology to control their loading and vessels the potential for damage on these services is now vastly reduced.

The Best Flat Rack Containers in Kenya

We understand that not everything can fit perfectly in a tank or open top container. Our flat racks provide unique safety features and allow easy loading and offloading while ensuring secure transportation of your unusually shaped cargo.   AtoZ Global Logistics flat rack containers are suitable for heavy cargo that requires loading from the sides or top such as machinery and pipes. Depending on your cargo will can offer you with either collapsible containers or non-collapsible containers with or without walls. We can also supply you with lashing winches and lashing belts depending on the type of cargo. If there is a need we will supply stanchions for your container. Moreover, we will also appropriately cover and secure your cargo through the use of tarpaulins

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