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Whether you’re shipping vaccines or perishable items, our refrigerated containers in Kenya are equipped to provide advanced transport you can rely on.  refrigerated containers are a must have for various perishable products in Kenya. Fruit, meat, medicines, and other frozen or refrigerated cargo all require precise temperature monitoring and expert care to maintain the cold chain and ensure complete safety. That’s why we have developed unique technologies to ensure that our refrigerated containers transportation in Kenya, are as secure, reliable, and efficient as possible.  It is a vital tool for monitoring any type of sensitive or high value cargo, cutting down on potential problems, time, and worry.

Delicate reefer cargo demands specific, hard-earned expertise. From port, air cargo freight, throughout the voyage, and across land to the final destination, A TO Z GLOBAL LOGISTICS refrigerated containers in Kenya  are experienced professional team provides personal support, carefully analyzing and overseeing the needs of each cargo. Traversing crucial, niche trades throughout the world, we offer you first-class service and easy entry into expanding markets.

What are Refrigerated Containers used for?

While they are primarily used for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, there are many other times reefer containers can come in handy:

  • Portable Cold Storage – This is particularly popular with festival and event organizers. Any festival or event that will have hundreds or thousands of visitors needs to be able to provide food to those visitors. Having a large, portable cold storage container can make things much easier.
  • Factory/Lab Storage Solutions – Factories or laboratories that deal with sensitive foods and raw materials need to ensure they have plenty of storage space for said foods. Running out of space simply isn’t an option as it will result in unhappy customers, clients and suppliers. Many factories and labs have cottoned on to the idea of using refrigerated containers as extra storage for their items thanks to the relatively low cost of obtaining and running them.
  • Disaster Relief – Reefer shipping containers have been used effectively in transporting necessary items to affected areas for years. Being able to move vast quantities of medicine, food and other life-saving goods effectively and quickly is vital to bring relief to people and areas that have suffered through a disaster.

Benefit of Refrigerated Containers

Wide Range of Uses

One of the greatest features found on portable cold storage units are their temperature controls, and while the main use given to refrigerated containers is to safeguard food perishable goods that need certain temperature conditions, they can also be used by other industries to store another type of items. 

Cost Effective

We all know that fruits and vegetables stored at room temperature can spoil quickly. With cold storage units, this will no longer be an issue because all these fresh products will be kept at the correct temperature and moisture levels, extending its shelf life and keeping spoils to a minimum.

Great space optimization

When you run a business, there’s no such thing as enough storage space, especially when you run a food-based operation such as a restaurant or as a frozen goods distributor. Modern cold storage units are built to offer state of the art performance, without generating excessive heat and by offering noise reduction features that won’t disturb the surroundings where the unit is located.

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