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Whether you sell to industrials, high-end department stores, mass merchandisers, or directly to end user via the Internet, we will take care of your company and your clients we can provide you with a full range of services, in a flexible, efficient, competitive and competent environment.

A to Z GLOBAL LOGISTICS provides customized service packages with an end-to-end service for all clients.

we’re always expanding our warehousing and logistics capabilities by adding new warehouses every year. Our centralized warehousing locations, specialization in multi-user operations and efficient resource utilization programs, have resulted in us being able to offer greater economies of scale advantages to our clients.

We have a roadmap to integrate technology into various processes. This will allow for greater information transparency and efficient process workflows between our organization, Clients and their valuable customer.


  • Storage of merchandise on pallets, open stock in bins, crates, drums, etc.
  • Storage of dangerous goods
  • Pick and pack operations, palletizing and shrink wrapping
  • Custom packaging and labelling
  • Barcoding and labelling
  • Parcel manifestation. Mail order or e-commerce package processing
  • National distribution for parcels, pallets, part loads or full truck loads
  • Internet-based warehouse management system
  • International distribution services through worldwide partnerships
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